Emerging Top Grossing iOS Apps: Blood & Glory, Dream Zoo and Battle Nations

This week big names and major developers dominated both the iPhone and iPad top grossing charts. High profile releases from Zynga, Glu Mobile, Gameloft, Capcom’s Beeline division and Big Fish Games all performed strongly, and Seattle-based indie developer Z2Live also managed to crack the top grossing charts with their new game Battle Nations.

New Titles on the iPhone Top Grossing Apps List

iTether –  For a brief period before being pulled this morning, iTether was the #2 top grossing iPhone app. However, hours after writing this, Tether’s $14.99 utility was gone from the app store due to Terms and Conditions violations. The utility allowed users to share 3G internet between their phones and other devices without having to pay a reoccurring monthly fee to their carriers.

Dream Zoo – Zynga’s latest addition to its growing mobile stable is the #4 ranked Dream Zoo. Yet another zoo or animal care-themed simulation game, Zynga’s take on the genre sets itself apart from the rest of the pack by adding more complexity to the breeding and habitat mechanics, and by adding location-based content – a first for the company. Our full overview of the game can be read here.

The Oregon Trail: American Settler – Gameloft is expanding on its successful version of the perennial classic Oregon Trail with a sequel, Oregon Trail: American Settler. The game is a city building sim that picks up where the original left off. Now that the settlers have finally gotten to their destination, there is a settlement to be built and players must create a frontier village, by adding buildings, livestock and crops. The Oregon Trail: American Settler was released on November 17th and is the #25 top grossing app.

Blood & Glory – Glu Mobile is another major developer with a big iOS debut this week. The company’s latest game, Blood & Glory is currently the #26 top grossing game on iOS. A swipe and slash fighting game, Blood and Glory’s proudly touts that its biggest feature is blood, and lots of it. The game even boasts that it features the bloodiest HD visuals and the most gore of any game available on iOS. The free-to-play game monetizes through in-app purchases. Blood and Glory was released on November 17th.

CityVille Holidaytown – Zynga lands a second game on the top grossing charts this week, thanks to its Christmas themed CityVille spin-off, CityVille Holidaytown. In the #43 ranked game, players must help Santa rebuild the North Pole after a devastating blizzard wipes out the homes of Santa’s elves. The game is free-to-play and monetizes through the purchase of Elf Bucks, the game’s premium currency. CityVille Holidaytown was released on November 21st.

New Titles on the iPad Top Grossing Apps List

Battle Nations – Z2Live’s newest game Battle Nations sits atop our iPad top grossing charts this week in the #4 position. The game is an action and strategy title with turn based combat. While Battle Nations features more than 130 single player story missions, it also includes robust multiplayer combat, which can be either player vs player or cooperative team-based play. Battle Nations is free to play and monetizes through in-app purchases.

djay – German developer Algoriddim’s djay is he perfect app for a music fan who can’t just pop in a CD or cue up a playlist. Priced at $19.99, the #22 ranked app gives users the ability to mix songs stored on their device, through Airplay or iCloud, cue up songs based on their beat and tempo, create live recordings, pitch blend and more. Djay was last updated on October 11th.

Snoopy’s Street Fair –  Beeline Interactive’s latest game, Snoopy’s Street Fair is the second Peanuts app to make our charts in as many days. The game, which currently holds the #27 spot on the free app charts is designed to appeal to hardcore Peanuts fans (oddball characters like Eudora and Thibault make appearances) and casual gamers just looking for a relaxing way to pass a few minutes. Our full review of the game can be read here.

Phantasmat: Collectors Edition – The latest hidden object adventure game from Big Fish Games, Phantasmat: Collector’s Edition makes the top grossing charts this week in the #31 spot. As with all Big Fish Games titles, the download is free, but the full adventure can only be unlocked though in-app purchases. The game features three levels of difficulty and challenges players with Match-3 style gameplay.

[Update] My Town 2 – Booyah’s My Town 2 just makes the top grossing chart this week in the #48 position. Updated to version 2.0 on November 23rd, the city sim game now allows players to co-own businesses with their friends, visit the towns of any other player, buy businesses from anywhere in the world and franchise their businesses to other players. The update also includes some seasonal updates, new buildings and decorations and gives players the ability to check on their stats. My Town 2 is free-to-play and monetizes through in-app purchases.