Emerging Top Free Apps on iOS: Hanging With Friends, Rip Off, Pandora’s IPO Bump

The top 10 iPhone apps again showed a great deal of fluctuation this week. Not all of the apps were particularly new, as many rose by going on sale and becoming free or receiving new content updates. We have to give praise to the new Hanging With Friends iPhone title which not only hit the #2 spots on this week’s top grossing and top paid iPhone apps lists, but also found its way to the top of the free list.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Free Apps List

Hanging With Friends Free —The folks over at Zynga are making a clean sweep of the top lists this week with the company’s newly released (June 9th) iPhone game, Hanging With Friends, developed by its studio, Zynga With Friends which came out of the Newtoy acquisition. Hanging With Friends Free is an ad-supported version, but it still comes with all the same game play. It’s a hangman-style word game in which users pick a word and attempt to stump opponents in turn-based synchronous play. This free version from the Texas-based developer is proving popular as not only was it #2 on the top paid and top grossing iPhone charts, but is now the #1 top free title as well.

Rip Off —In at #2 is a game called Rip Off from the moderately sized Vietnamese mobile and web games developer and publisher, Colorbox. In the game, players control a bird that must protect his brothers and sisters — still eggs — from ever increasing numbers of enemies trying to steal them, by slashing across the screen. Released June 1st, the game’s dramatic rise is due to a temporary sale through OpenFeint’s Free Game of the Day.

Shape Shift —Backflip Studios recently passed the 100 million download mark across its games, but the Colorado-based mobile developer continues to produce popular games. #3 on the top free iPhone apps list (#2 for iPad) is the June 7th-released game of Shape Shift. The new title is a matching puzzle game. But unlike the typical match-three style of app, users can swap tiles from anywhere on the screen. Using two game modes, players can opt to try and remove bombs in the “Classic Mode,” or merely play endlessly in “Zen Mode.”

iFighter 1945 — Just updated today, June 15th, is the #4 application on the free charts: iFighter 1945. The game is a top-down, arcade-style aerial combat shooter in which players battle through World War II as ace pilots in order to find and destroy a secret Nazi weapon. Though the game is free-to-play, it monetizes itself by offering users extra plane types for users to control. While there are five variations of fighters, two must be purchased in-app for $0.99. The game is credited to EpicForce Games, a small mobile developer focused on the iOS platform.

iForwardFree — Holding the #6 spot this week is an app called iForwardFree. In the app, players are able to view hundreds of soccer goals that the app dubs “perfect goals.” In addition to viewing, players can play a simplistic mini-game where they go one on one with a goalkeeper, choosing kick strength and shot location in a penalty kick-like scenario. In order to monetize, the game hosts several $0.99 in-app purchases for more goal videos. The developer behind the title is noted as Ninel Gryuner. That said, developer links connect to a group by the name of Smartbit. Unfortunately, its website provides no further information on the company.

New Titles Within Top iPad Free Apps List

Blind World 2 HD — Blind World 2 HD is a curious title for iPad. An artistic game, players tilt and turn their iPad in order to move a cell-like ball around and touch invisible barriers to create highly colorful images. The idea is to make enough of the hidden picture appear in order to progress to the next level. What is even more interesting, is that the game is not terribly new, and has risen within the top 50 free iPad apps list only in recent time (currently #4). It was last updated May 23rd. The strange game is credited to an enigmatic group called iDevUA Treelight, but more specifically a single developer by the name of Dmitriy Kuzmenko. The app monetizes through the in-app purchases of new levels and iAd removal; all for $0.99.