Emerging Top Free Apps on iOS: Crime Pays & The iPhone Gets Strange

Several new titles are sprouting up all over the top free iOS lists this week. From games to shopping to art, these apps represent both well-known developers as well as first-timers to iOS. All that noted, the iPhone played host to some of the stranger ideas seen in recent times, including cow-milking apps, curious advertising and virtual contraceptives.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Free Apps List

Milk The Cow — The top free iPhone apps list starts off slightly strange with the #1 title being Milk The Cow. Last updated August 12th, Milk The Cow is a simple entertainment app in which players utilize touch controls to milk a virtual cow as fast as possible and compete with one another through Game Center leaderboards. The title is credited to MUGOCO, and while little information is provided, the studio does host several iOS applications.

Too Addictive! — Munich-based studio FDG Entertainment, does something a little interesting with the #2 title, Too Addictive!. Cryptically advertised as impossibly addictive, the application turns out to be just a lite version of the company’s top grossing game Cover Orange.  In this puzzle game, players try to protect a civilization of oranges from toxic rain by building objects atop them. Too Addictive! was released July 27th.

“Free Music Download” – Downloader and Player — The #3 application today is “Free Music Download” – Downloader and Player, and it is possible that it is a re-release Zentertain’s Free Music Download as it is not only highly similar but, Free Music Download is also no longer available in the App Store. Developed by enigmatic American company BSOSoft, the app is a free version of top paid title, “Free Music Download Pro.” The title allows users to find and download music both legally and free. That said, the free version only grants 15 downloads. It was released August 9th.

Crime City  — The social role-playing game of Crime City (released August 10th) holds the #4 spot this week. In the game, players work the city streets performing missions, teaming up with friends, and building out their own criminal neighborhood as they seek to rise up the criminal underworld. A top grossing app from yesterday, Crime City is developed by social games developer Funzio, who raised $20 million in funding a few months ago to develop cross-platform games. Like the original Facebook version, Crime City monetizes through the sale of both earnable in-game and virtual currencies.

S*********r Club — More odd concepts rise this week with the #6 app, S*********r Club, or Sperminator Club. Warning of the dangers of the one-night-stand, players become the ultimate contraceptive as they defend an ovum from a horde of “attacking tadpoles.” They even have modern contraceptives to aide them should the need arise. The game is credited to AlphaWeb Plus, but appears to be developed by a Russian studio called Faber Games. This newly released (August 11th) game is its first title. Sperminator Club is also noted as an experimental project for Faber Games. It monetizes through the in-app removal of ads and purchasing of virtual items.

New Titles Within Top iPad Free Apps List

Google Catalogs — Google gets into the iPad a bit more with its newly released (August 16th) lifestyle app, Google Catalogs. The application acts as a way for users to consolidate their favorite catalogs and browse through them. Additionally, the app sends notifications when new issues are available, allows for social sharing (via email), and grants the ability to make purchases from merchants directly from the app. Google Catalogs is ranked at #2.

Extreme Road Trip — Extreme Road Trip is a game in which players have found themselves with a stuck gas pedal and limited fuel. The idea is to tilt and turn their car to safely get it as far as possible before crashing or running out of fuel; performing stunts along the way for an added boost. Free-to-play, the app monetizes through the sale of virtual items. Extreme Road Trip is the first iOS game created by Roofdog Gameswho appears to be based out of Canada. Extreme Road Trip was last updated August 8th.