Emerging popular Android apps: Tiny Village, Modern War and Google+

The top of the Android charts were once again dominated by apps we’ve seen in previous weeks, namely DeNA’s card-battle game Rage of Bahamut, which refuses to budge from the No. 1 spot in the top grossing chart. GREE, whose Modern War came in at the No. 16 spot on this week top grossing Android apps, today revealed its North American game studio has generated more than $29 million in revenues in the first half of 2012, while two of its first-party titles, the card-battle game Zombie Jombie and the iPad version of Modern War are seeing peak average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU) in excess of $1.

This Week’s top grossing Android apps

Tiny Village — We begin our roundup of this week’s top grossing Android apps at the No. 7 spot with TinyCo’s Tiny Village, a city-building sim with a cute prehistoric theme. TinyCo has seen a lot of success with its Android games. You can read about TinyCo’s strategies on Android and the findings of their most recent research here. Tiny Village is free and it has been installed more than five million times.

Smurfs’ Village Beeline Interactive’s Smurfs’ Village takes the No. 11 spot. In the game, players must build a village to house the titular blue characters.

Defender II — Droidhen’s Defender II takes this week’s No. 14 top grossing app. The game is a sequel to its free-to-play tower defense title, Defender. it features a new battle mode, new lava moat, new tower, new research center and weapons. Defender II has been downloaded more than five million times since its release less than a month ago. It was last updated on August 15 to fix a fatal bug that appeared in the preceding update.

Modern War — At the No. 16 spot is GREE’s Modern War, a building sim and strategy game.

Comics – Comixology’s Comics app comes in at the No. 17 spot. The app is the only comics store and reader on Android devices with both Marvel Comics and DC Comics available to purchase along with smaller publishers like Dark Horse, Image, and Red 5. Other publishers include Image, IDW, Archie and more. The app was last updated on August 9 with various fixes.

This week’s top free Android apps

Google+ — Coming in at the No. 2 spot is Google’s own mobile app for its social network, Google+. 

Logo Quiz — A simple game by bubble quiz games’ called Logo quiz takes the No. 11 spot on the free Android app charts. In the game players are presented with the iconic logos of various companies and are asked to type in their name as fast as they can. The game was last updated on August 16 with statistics. Logo Quiz has been downloaded more than five million times.

Chase Mobile — JPMorgan Chase’s official mobile banking app takes the comes in at the No. 19 spot.

Jewels Star — ITreeGamer’s takes the No. 27 spot with Jewels Star, a match-three game that looks more than a little like EA PopCap’s Bejeweled games. The game features more than 350 levels, different visual themes and special jewels. The game was last updated on August 16 with 20 new levels. Jewels Star user reviews overwhelmingly positive with an average score of five stars.

TuneWiki– TuneWiki is a music player that scrolls lyrics in sync with the song. The app also allows users to share and comment on their favorite lyrics.

This Week’s top paid Android apps

Camera ZOOM FX — UK developer Androidslide moves all the way to the top of the paid charts with this week’s No. 1 app Camera ZOOM FX. Discounted by 40 percent as app of the week, the app is currently $2.99. The app’s primary selling point is its digital zoom function, but includes collage, burst, timer and time lapse settings. Camera ZOOM FX users can also share their photos to Facebook, Twitter and Flicker through a single click interface.