Emerging popular Android apps: Dark Summoner, Angry Birds and Marvel Comics

The top of the Android charts were once again dominated by apps we’ve seen in previous weeks, namely DeNA’s card-battle game Rage of Bahamut, which refuses to budge from the No. 1 spot in the top grossing chart. This week we also saw Ateam’s own card battle game Dark Summoner inching towards Rage of Bahamut as it took the No. 3 spot on the top grossing chart, up all the way from the No. 30 spot it held last week.

Other established hit games moved up the charts this week, including Great Little War Game which came in at the No. 7 spot of the top paid chart after a price drop, and Angry Birds which climbed all the way back to the No. 2 spot on the top free apps chart after an update which included additional content.

This Week’s top grossing Android apps

Dark Summoner — We begin our roundup of this week’s top grossing Android apps at the No. 3 spot with Ateam’s Dark Summoner, a free monster battle game that’s been installed more than 100,000 times since it was first released. The game has made an impressive climb up the chart from its No. 30 spot last week, and continues to preform well this week, penetrating the mostly static top three grossing Android apps.

Brightwood Adventures — Way down at the No. 22 spot is Kiwi, inc.’s Brightwood Adventures, a forest themed city building Sim.

Marvel Comics — Coming in at the No. 25 spot is Marvel’s Marvel Comics app, a storefront from which users can buy over 3500 comics featuring Iron Man, Thor, and other favorite superheroes. The app was last updated on August 9 with various bug fixes and Infinite Comics, a new digital comic style drawn specifically to take advantage of the entire screen.

Slots Journey — At the No. 32 spot is Murka’s Slots Journey, a slots game we’ve seen on the iOS charts but that has yet to make our roundup of top grossing Android apps.

Deity Wars — Mobage’s Deity Wars closes our roundup of top grossing Android apps, coming it at the No. 44 spot. Deity Wars is a card battle game featuring hundreds of illustrated cards and a multiplayer mode. As we’ve previously reported, we’re likely to see even more of these types of games from Mobage given Rage of Bahaumt’s success. You can read our full review of Deity Wars here.

This week’s top free Android apps

Angry Birds — Rovio’s ubiquitous Angry Birds returns to top of the free Android apps after an August 8 update, coming in at the No. 2 spot.

Bible — LifeChurch.tv’s Bible app takes the No. 9 spot. The app includes many translations, a search feature, social connectivity allowing users to share verses with friends on Facebook and Twitter, and a number of audio versions. The app this week moved up the charts significantly after and August 8 update which included various bug fixes.

Yelp — Coming in at the No. 12 spot is the mobile app for Yelp, the website where users can review and find local businesses or restaurant.

ColorNote Notepads — ColorNote Notepads takes the No. 16 spot on this week’s list of top free Android apps. The app aims to give users a better note taking experience with features that allow them to organize by color, passcode protect their notes, secure backup online or on SD cards and more. The app was last updated on August 2 with various bug fixes.

Evernote — Evernote, another note taking app makes takes the No. 22 spot. The app is an Editor’s Choice and it’s made The New York Times’ Top 10 Must-Have Apps.

This Week’s top paid Android apps