Emerging Paid iOS Apps: New iPhone Apps Slow While HD Versions Rise

The top paid iOS application charts slowed this week in terms of the iPhone with new emerging titles becoming fairly few and far between, yet still showing a fairly wide variety of app genres. The iPad, on the other hand, showed far more life today, with its new highlighted titles all sitting within the top 10. However, not all are truly “new” as many are now HD versions of past emerging titles from the top paid iPhone apps list.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Paid Apps List

Rc Plane 2 — The first new paid iPhone app to appear this week is all the way at #15 in the form of Rc Plane 2. Last updated July 3rd with control improvements (including accelerometer controls), the $0.99 game is an RC plane flight simulator that allows users to control 17 different airplanes, participate in Game Center leaderboards, and even play aircraft-specific missions. In that regard, the app also allows users to purchase such game modes via in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $1.99. The title is credited to Italian developer Frozen Pepper, an iOS developer founded in 2008 and specializing in 3D games.

LaDiDa — A $0.99 music application comes in at #19. LaDiDa is dubbed a “reverse karaoke” application that records and analyzes a user’s voice and then not only grants automatic tuning it but will compose music to match it as well. Moreover, it also works with rap and guitar, but both require in app purchase at $0.99 and $1.99 to do so. The title is created by mobile music application company Khush. Headquartered out of Atlanta, the company is roughly two years old and also hosts the app Songify.

Family Feud — An older application (last updated May 24th) rises this week. Family Feud is the iOS version of the popular, and long running, television game show of the same name. Hosting customizable avatars, unlockable items, as well as single and multiplayer modes, the rise to #26 is due to a sale that has lowered the price to $0.99 (in-app purchases for extra questions are also available). Regarding the developer, the game is made by Montreal-based studio, Ludia, a company who hosts several television-based games across mobile platforms, consoles, Facebook, PC, and Mac. Ludia’s past games, such as Where’s Waldo? HD – in Hollywood have breached the top emerging paid apps lists in the past before.

Lockitize Your Lock Screen — The next highlighted title on the top paid iPhone apps list is Lockitize Your Lock Screen. A faux security app, the title customizes a user’s lock screen to look like a security lock with images such as a fake numeric entry screen, a fingerprint scanner, and so on. The title is credited to Kuhlmanation, but is linked to Austin-based mobile apps developer BlossomRock. Lockitize Your Lock Screen costs $0.99, was last updated July 7th, and is ranked at #37.

Homerun Battle 3D — Moving down to #40 comes the $0.99 game, Homerun Battle 3D from 1998-founded Korean smartphone and online games developer and publisher Com2uS. An older app (last updated April 21st), the baseball title is basically a game of homerun derby allowing users to challenge other players — or play alone — using customizable avatars and earning new items and equipment. Currently, Com2uS is hosting a sale for all of its baseball-oriented apps.

New Titles Within Top iPad Apps List

Flick Golf Extreme! HD — Flick Golf Extreme! HD hits #5 this week on the top paid iPad apps list. Released July 7th, the title is the HD version of a past emerging paid and top grossing iPhone app Flick Golf!. Using their fingers, players play rounds of golf across the globe in various locations ranging from oil rigs to skyscrapers. Currently, the app is $4.99 and it is credited to developer Full Fat. 1996-founded Full Fat is an U.K.-based independent developer with games across mobile handsets, handheld gaming platforms, and Xbox. The iPhone version sits at #9.