Emerging Paid iOS Apps: New Content Breaths New Life Into Older Apps

After a bit of a lull for the last few weeks, the top paid iOS apps lists have begun to show some life. While the iPhone app list didn’t host many terribly high new titles on the lists, a handful of older apps rose up once again due to quality content updates — games such as Infinity Blade and Pocket God. The iPad, unlike its iPhone counterpart, had many more new and interesting titles this week, with older apps rising significantly because of new content or sales.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Paid Apps List

Pocket God — Pocket God is a long running iOS title that is back towards the top of the paid iPhone apps list at #16. Created by Bolt Creative, a San Francisco-based iOS developer with only a handful of entertainment-based apps, Pocket God puts users into the role of a god as they rule over an island of Pygmies, killing them in the creative ways they see fit. At $0.99, the game monetizes through in-app purchases as well, and has risen due to its May 18th update adding new content, Episode 39: Challenge of the Gods! The addition tasks users with returning to past episodes to find all of the new god features. Bolt Creative has also has a Facebook version of Pocket God; created with Quebec-based Frima Studio.

F-SIM Space Shuttle — Moving way down the list to #31 comes another dated app (last updated November 17th) called F-SIM Space Shuttle from Sascha Ledinsky. The currently $0.99 application is a flight simulator for the Space Shuttle, focusing on simulating final decent. The growth is due to a sale being held for Endeavour’s final mission, that has marked down the cost to the noted price. As for its enigmatic developer, little to no information is readily available.

Flashlight — The #32 app isn’t so much interesting as it is useful. Flashlight from i4software is what it soundslike; turning an iPhone 4 into a, well, Flashlight. It’s rise, however, is due to a sale that has cut the price in half to $0.99. The thousands of high ratings probably don’t hurt too much either. As for i4software, this Arizona-based company is a developer of both iOS and web applications that are focused around both utility and productivity applications. However, a handful of educational games have also been developed by the company. A very old app, last updated September 16th, this is the first time we have seen Flashlight on these charts.

Stupid Zombies — GameResort picks up the #35 spot this week with yet another game, Stupid Zombies. In the game, players attempt to shoot zombies standing about on platforms by ricocheting a few shotgun slugs around the level. Last updated April 29th, the $0.99 app’s slow rise is due to the addition of 60 new levels. Regarding GameResort, it is a seemingly small Android and iOS developer based out of “virtual offices” in both California and Colorado. Founded in 2008, they already have several simple mobile games in their portfolio.

Bumpy Road — The first truly new title to the iPhone this week is Bumpy Road, which appears at #36. Released May 19th, the $2.99 app tasks users with guiding an elderly couple’s car from Point A to Point B by by physically bumping the road with their finger. The game is developed by Simogo, a young Swedish iOS developer founded in 2010 by Simon Flesser and Magnus ‘Gordon’ Gardebäck. As it stands, Bumpy Road is only their second release. The title is also #22 on iPad.

New Titles Within Top iPad Paid Apps List

Infinity Blade — It is currently #5 on iPhone, but we saved Infinity Blade for the iPad list as this older title takes the new #1 spot this week. Powered by the Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, Infinity Blade is a beautiful medieval fantasy-style, action-adventure game where players must usurp the tyrannical rule of the God King. Its tremendous resurgence on the charts is due to a temporary 50% drop in price to $2.99 (the game also monetizes with in-app purchases) and the May 19th release of its third content pack, Infinity Blade: Arena where users can challenge one another to multiplayer combat. It’s primary developer is ChAIR Entertainment, a roughly six-year-old games developer who was acquired by Epic Games in 2008.