Elizabeth Taylor Tribute Magazine for iPad by The Daily ($1.99)

My teenage daughter gave me a blank look when I mentioned to her that Elizabeth Taylor had passed away (Mar. 23, 2011). I then realized that I have raised a culturally deprived child. This is fixable, however. A quick check of Netflix reveals Cleopatra, Giant, and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof are available for Instant Play. I must admit to not having seen many of Ms. Taylor’s movies myself. But, I think I may remedy this for myself this weekend too.
Those of you who have an iPad and $1.99 have another option to provide a bit of photographic, video and text information about Elizabeth Taylor for yourself or the unknowing younger generation. The firm that brought you “The Daily” iPad newspaper app produced a special edition app:
Elizabeth Taylor Tribute Magazine
The 15 people who took the time to provide a customer rating are all very happy with this app: All of them gave it a 5-star rating. The Daily says the app is the equivalent of a coffee table book (something else my daugther has probably not heard of).