Eliminate: Gun Range Free Edition Available Now

ngmoco announced a free edition of its virtual gun range game:
Introducing Eliminate: Gun Range Free!
I’m not normally interested in shooter games. Howeve, “Eliminate: Gun Range” was one of the first apps to take advantage of the iPhone 4’s gyroscope hardware. I, however, opted to buy “Real Racing” to test the gyroscope (an excellent racing game, by the way). I installed the new free edition (advertisement supported) on an iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G. The game feels completely different on the two iPhone model. Gun Range on the 3G relies on manual targeting. The same game on the 4 requires you to move the phone around to acquire the targets as they pop into view. I’m not sure I consider this game a “keeper”. However, the free version is an interesting way to take a look at what the iPhone 4’s gyroscope can provide to gameplay.