Follow The Adventures Of Four Elephants On Twitter

Follow The Adventures Of Four Elephants On Twitter

Hot on the heels (or fins…) of news that sharks are now tweeting comes a new animal-centric Twitter campaign, one that’s all about elephants.

Now, you can follow four tagged elephants in Laikipia, Central Kenya, as they travel across the plains, hang out in herds, and generally get up to elephant-sized adventures.

As The Independant reports, Kimani, Carlos, Tyson and Evgeny are the four pachyderms whose escapades will be tracked via Twitter.

The initiative belongs to the charity Space for Giants, whose aim is to secure a future for large mammals across the globe.

Anyone interested in the elephants’ journey can follow the hashtag #elephantslive.

Each of the four elephants has their own personality that will be highlighted on Twitter. Kimani, for instance, is dubbed “an extremely accomplished fence breaker,” as he broke through five electrified fences to reach a neighboring conservancy. Carlos is a young male (called a bull), whose left tusk is broken, Tyson has both tusks broken (assumed to have happened while roughhousing with his peers), and Evgeny is an older bull who is unaggressive but not afraid to break a fence when food is scarce.

Here are some recent examples of the tweets the elephants have been sending:



(Elephants feeding image via Shutterstock)