Element Analyst Rises on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

The past few weeks have been dominated by quiz applications, and this week is no different, as you can see below on our list of Facebook’s fastest-gaining apps by daily active users. Create your Quiz, Entrevista tus Amigos and Element Analyst Creator have all used the quiz mechanic to good effect to gain hundreds of thousands of new DAU; the last of the three stands out only for its newness.

Here’s the AppData list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Create your Quiz2,781,238+1,559,650+127.67
2.icon FrontierVille5,984,845+594,505+11.03
3.icon Entrevista tus Amigos1,971,931+500,274+33.99
4.icon Element Analyst Creator448,955+447,771+37,818.50
5.icon Windows Live Messenger1,716,740+404,584+30.83
6.icon 開心 Lounge Bar405,471+400,164+7,540.31
7.icon PetVille2,890,066+284,888+10.94
8.icon Pet Society2,769,562+270,161+10.81
9.icon Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones10,724,900+237,546+2.27
10.icon Frases Diarias1,446,009+236,539+19.56
11.icon Texas HoldEm Poker5,353,074+190,502+3.69
12.icon Millionaire City706,365+175,815+33.14
13.icon HTC Sense1,649,541+158,046+10.60
14.icon Baking Life821,542+143,877+21.23
15.icon Office Wars126,396+126,294+123,817.65
16.icon 建立你的測驗115,435+113,195+5,053.35
17.icon Fashion World521,040+98,979+23.45
18.icon Nightclub City868,738+70,475+8.83
19.icon EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars744,830+69,225+10.25
20.icon Resort World233,015+67,076+40.42

Ever since Facebook changed the way quiz apps report their stats, we’ve been able to see just how much the quiz category dominates over all other non-game apps. The key seems to be the viral mechanic within these apps, which is by no accident quite similar to that found in games.

There are a couple of variations: Create your Quiz and Element Analyst Creator both allow users to create quizzes, which post the result to the wall of the user taking them, while Entrevista tus Amigos is a friend quiz, which asks a given user question about their friends (more on the differences here).

What they have in common, with each other and with Facebook’s games, is constantly urging users to make wall posts and invite friends. Given the massive success of the biggest quiz apps, it’s surprising that the developers of other non-game apps don’t spend more time figuring out similar mechanics.

FrontierVille, a game with no shortage of its own incitements to make wall postings, is at number two; as always, we discuss the games more over at Inside Social Games. The next non-game app, and perhaps the only other one worth pointing out this week, is Windows Live Messenger, which has been on a tear with international users for the past two weeks as a superior replacement for Facebook’s own chat functionality.