Electronic Arts Launches Madden NFL Mobile on iOS, Android

madden nfl football 650 3Electronic Arts has launched Madden NFL Mobile on iOS and Android devices. The game allows users to select their favorite real-world team, and build their virtual roster using today’s NFL players, as well as legends from the past. The game offers single-player drills and a season mode, as well as frequently changing live events and a head-to-head mode for multiplayer gameplay.

In the game’s season mode, users tap on computer-controlled opponents on a map to complete games. These require energy to play, which limits the length of a single gameplay session.

While playing on defense, users are assigned an active player, and can switch between players by tapping with two fingers on the screen or simply tapping on the player they’d like to control. Users control their player’s movement with an analog stick, and can press an action button to tackle. When the opposing team attempts a pass, reflex-prompts will appear for users to swipe up on the screen in an attempt to prevent completion.madden nfl football 650While on offense, players control the quarterback and can choose the player to pass the ball to. This automatically passes player control to that teammate, with the action button turning into one for avoiding being tackled. Running plays are also available.

Finally, when attempting field goals, players tap and swipe to control the direction of their kick towards the goal. While users can browse their playbook and assign one of their choice, the game also suggests appropriate plays each time.

After each game, users can view detailed team stats, as well as stats for each individual play in the game.

In head-to-head mode, users play against other real-world opponents, but control their team’s offense only. Users assign a defensive strategy in the menus, which tracks the play(s) a team excels at defending against, and how the overall defensive team has performed in stopping touchdowns and the like. Since users can play against friends and eventually rivals, gamers can also assign specific strategies for games against those users.madden nfl football 650 2Finally, the live events section of the game contains isolated events that are only available for a limited time. One may see users making a 4th quarter comeback against an opposing team, while another may challenge users to rush for three touchdowns in five total attempts, as examples. These events change frequently, require energy to complete and may even be level-locked for the user, but if completed, they’ll reward gamers with lots of rewards, including trophy and NFL news headline collectibles.

As players complete drills, games and other events, they’ll earn experience points and level up. This rewards users with a variety of items, like coin bundles, new plays, and energy refills. These coins can be used to purchase player packs for their team, as well as participate in the game’s live auctions. Here, users can list their own items, and purchase items sold by other players. When shopping, users can either make a bid and wait, or pay a higher price to buy the item instantly.

Madden NFL Mobile is now available to download for free on iTunes and Google Play. The game is monetized via the purchase of premium player packs. With this launch, EA has also announced the shutdown of online services for Madden NFL 25 on mobile. This shutdown will occur October 30, 2014.

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