El Paso Tops in Text Messaging

According to new data from Scarborough Research, there’s a correlation between the average age and cultural makeup of a city or region, and the amount of text messaging that goes on there, MocoNews reports.

The study found that El Paso has the highest rate of text messaging, followed by Salt Lake City, Dallas and Memphis.

“Adult subscribers in El Paso text at a rate of 57 percent, compared to the national average of 48 percent. The other three top cities clocked in at a text-messaging rate of 55 percent. Sitting at the bottom half of the charts is Fort Myers, Fla. (36 percent), Charleston, W. Va. (36 percent), and Grand Rapids, Mich. (35 percent).”

According to the study, texters are 49 percent more likely to be between the ages of 18 and 24, 14 percent more likely to be Latino and 24 percent more likely to be black. “El Paso and Dallas have above average Latino populations, Salt Lake City and Dallas have more 18-24 year olds on average and Memphis has a larger black population on average,” the report said.