Eee PC T91MT Multitouch Netbook BIOS & Driver Updates Seems to Have Made it Peppier

My Asus Eee PC T91MT multi-touch touch screen netbook has been sluggish since the day I got it. This surprised me since it:

– runs Windows 7 Home Premium Edition (quite peppy on other netbooks)
– has an Atom Z520 processor
– Has a solid-state drive

I turned off Windows 7’s fancy 3D Aero Glass features about two weeks ago and got a bit of speed boost. But, the T91MT was still not as responsive as, say, an Asus Eee PC 1000HA with an N270 processor running Windows 7. So, this past weekend, I pointed my browser at…

…and downloaded and installed a bunch of relatively recent (post November 2009) files including a BIOS that was a couple of revisions newer than what shipped with my T91MT, graphics driver, and SuperHybrid engine.

The result is what seems to be a more responsive netbook. I need to use it for a few more days before coming to any conclusions. But, it seems nearly as fast (if not as fast) as my 1000HA netbook now.

FYI: Aero Glass is still turned off on the T91MT. The only feature I left turned on was the pop-up thumbnail preview mode for running applications.