Edmonton: So Hot Right Now

We’ve grown up pretty much everywhere under the sun but our five years in Edmonton really struck a chord with our Nordic soul(s?). So much so that we got this weird hometown pride when we heard about Brangelina and Madara/Zahaddox’s recent trips to Safeway and the house they’re renting for an insanely un-Canadian amount of money. So that was strange enough, that Edmonton was coming back into our sensorium through our extreme Star reading. And then the art gallery thing happened, and now we’re the most confused as to its new place in the culturescape.

According to the Edmonton Journal,

Gift-wrapped in a swirling tangle of stainless steel ribons, Edmonton’s new art gallery won’t merely be a depository for art work.

It will be a piece of art in itself.


Unfortunately it just kinda looks like Eyebeam-style folded planes. On acid.