Editor Leaves Sacred History Magazine, Cites Ethical Lapses

Richard Miller, the managing editor of Sacred History magazine, has resigned, citing ethical lapses and unkept promises. Miller wrote:

The cronyism, a mucky obligation to the Evangelical community, and lack of business transparency have on many levels eroded the integrity, ethical constitution, and trustworthiness of the corporation.

(Full email below)

Sacred History was started by James D. Griffith and James D. Rietveld in 2005, to explore historical information about all religions. Mr. Magazine, (Dr. Samir Husni) called it one of the 30 most notable magazine launches of 2005.

But the mag had trouble rendering unto Caesar, as Poppy Brite found out when she couldn’t get paid.

Thanks to fellow blogger, for the following:

For the following reasons, I have regretfully chosen to withdraw my involvement with Sacred History Magazine:

1. For three months, I have been promised 2% of company stock holdings and have received no such stock.
2. For three months, I have been promised to be placed on the corporate payroll; the latest promise was for a mere $300/week to have begun two weeks ago. I have received no such payroll payments.
3. The magazine itself has been effectively deprioritized, with the very issue that I have labored countless hours over having been postponed an entire bi-monthly cycle due to funds being pulled out of the project to meet the interests of other company magazine launches. This is particularly egregious not only because of my debut with the magazine, but because of funds mismanagement, broken subscription contracts, and the hazardous handling of SHM while it is but in a critical, infancy stage in its product life.
4. Given my business background and training—I possess a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from one of the top ten business schools in the country and have held managerial positions with some of the most prestigious corporations in the greater Los Angeles area including Ingram Micro (the world’s largest distribution company), PRG Commercial Division, and AST Computers—I believe I should have been brought in, not as Managing Editor, but as Publisher. CEO Jim Griffith is far too busy with corporate responsibilities to attend properly to the duties and needs of SHM. Moreover, it is inappropriate to for him to post his name on the periodical as publisher since he had not done more than 2% of the work in producing the Women & Religion issue.
5. The cronyism, a mucky obligation to the Evangelical community, and lack of business transparency have on many levels eroded the integrity, ethical constitution, and trustworthiness of the corporation.
6. The company’s unethical treatment of the key members of the SHM team has been abhorrent in every way. (REDACTED), a woman whose talents and assistance have given wings to the publication such that it succeeded where most other magazines have failed, has been marginalized and now shunned for her gender, religious orientation, and critical outspokenness over the ethics of the business. (REDACTED) has received several promises of gainful employment with the organization over the last twenty months and, like myself, has seen nothing come to fruition. She has worked for free with the understanding that she would soon be hired on and given a meaningful position within the corporation. As with the rest of us, the company has exploited her time, talents, and resources for its own advantage, giving nothing but false promises in return.

Do not think that I am angry over these matters; anger goes against my own spiritual creed. I am deeply hurt and disappointed. I have been merely honest about these observations and thus cannot in good conscience continue my association with the company under the present state. I sincerely hope that you all will not excuse these faults, but embrace them and set matters to right. A tremendous amount of suffering has arisen and shall continue to arise as the result of these defects and immoral dealings. Where it not for these matters, I would have been perfectly thrilled to work within the organization, giving of my best talents and most precious years of my career.


Richard C. Miller
Managing Editor, Sacred History Magazine
General Editor, Sacred History Journal