Edelman: Create the Runway of Credibilty

Richard Edelman, CEO of independent megashop Edelman Worldwide has advice for slugging your way through the recession in his latest 6 A.M. blog post.

There’s some good stuff in it that addresses the fuzzier lines drawn between PR, advertising, marketing, and grassroots influence–anyone in any of these businesses is fighting for the same pool of dollars. The examples cited are ones of influence, not necessarily what many people think of as tradition PR work–the secret ingredient is pairing clients (or disparate media) together in interesting ways.

The full quote about the runway is “We uniquely create the runway of credibility for the advertising and digital plane to take off.”

A source in a major ad firm told me this is why Crispin Porter + Bogusky is so successful, apparently known for their motto: “Don’t show me a script. Show me the press release.”

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Edelman mentions several clients, including one of my favorites, Butterball turkeys (perhaps he read the post?):

The dispersion of audience and authority makes it incumbent on companies to inform conversations. We are going where the communities meet on their terms, from mainstream media web sites to new influencers operating in niches. Our approach is premised on people opting-in. Butterball (an Edelman client, who in 1981 created one of first national, toll-free consumer help lines),this year engaged by partnering with Bravo’s “Top Chef,” where chef’testants cooked with Butterballs, and enabled people who text the word “TURKEY” from mobile phone to get tips on cooking turkeys. We also maintained a twitter roll, hosted live web chats, engaged with bloggers, then provided how-to videos, new recipes, cooking calculators on butterball.com.

Top Chef was a nice item for the Foo Fighters too. If someone could tell us how they got involved we’d love to know. Those dudes have been hot nearly as long as Thanksgiving turkey.