EContent: Mobile Search Must Improve

verizonsearch.jpgAs anyone who has tried to dive into their phone’s complex menu system can attest, finding what you want on the Internet using a cell phone screen isn’t always easy.

The reasons are two-fold. First, the screens are just plain small; that’s the obvious one. The other reason is that carriers often have their own ideas about how content should be organized, which overwrites what the cell phone manufacturer may have originally intended (and the latter isn’t always a brilliant design to begin with).

EContent magazine says that the answer may lie in mobile search. Peggy Anne Salz points to Mobile Content Networks as an example of one software company that can leverage search results from multiple engines, rather than the usual one-to-one deals that are currently the norm in the wireless industry (such as T-Mobile and Google, or Verizon and Medio).

The Search is On [EContent]