Echofon Partners With Buffer To Deliver Smart New Twitter App

Do you use Buffer, the popular social media optimising app that lets you easily share content (including, uniquely, native retweets) on Twitter (and other social platforms) throughout the day? How about Echofon, the simple yet elegant iPhone/Android Twitter client?

Good news. The two have joined forces to create one of the smartest Twitter clients yet – Echofon users will now be able to share directly to Buffer via the app, allowing them to easily schedule all types of tweets and retweets, grab analytics on their click data, and more.

After downloading the updated Echofon app, users schedule tweets via Buffer using the schedule button. Buffer will then automatically publish these tweets on your preset scheduled times, providing you with analytics on clicks, retweets and more as soon as they’ve gone live.

“Buffer is a great addition to our Echofon products because it helps our users to message their followers more efficiently by seamlessly and intelligently scheduling Tweets on-the-go,” said Gladys Kong, CTO and General Manager at UberMedia. “With millions of people using Echofon as their Twitter client of choice, being able to expand its feature-set to smart Tweet scheduling and analytics, is now possible with Buffer.”

The new version of Echofon with Buffer integration can be downloaded now from the App store and Google Play store. For more information on the new release, head over to the Buffer blog.