eBooks with eXtras: Do We Need ‘Em?

There’s lots of talk this week about eBooks with enhancements, books, like David Baldacci’s forthcoming thriller, that come with extra material: deleted scenes, video, music, other stuff. it’s a lot of the same language that gets used to describe DVDs packed with a second disc of bonus material. They’re built like apps and contain the full text of the book as well as the bonus material. They cost more, and agents are fighting to keep “enhanced” rights separate from regular eBook rights.

On the iPad and the slew of other tablets that will follow it, it’s likely we’re going to see eBooks with all kinds of capacities that print books and regular eBooks don’t have. One of Spring Design’s key selling points for the Alex eReader, in fact, is how easy it is to read a book full of hypertext.

So here’s today’s million-dollar question: do we need enhanced eBooks? Do readers want them? Are some books like DVDs, or albums for that matter, which more and more frequently come with bonus material? Would you pay a few extra bucks for an enhanced eBook by your favorite author, rather than getting the regular eBook? Tell us in the comments below.