eBooks For Christmas?!?!

The video embedded above earned more than 27,000 views on YouTube, generating a fair amount of controversy and negative reviews in the process–so far, it has earned 195 likes and 82 dislikes from viewers.

Posted on Christmas morning last year, the video shows a three-year-old boy objecting, in a dramatic fashion, to the fact he received books for Christmas. What do you think–would a kid get upset about eBooks in their stocking?

His parents have added a note to the video: “I have deleted a lot of very undeserved negative comments that have been posted….I understand now that without a good understanding of the back history one could make a poor assumption of him….but now i hope you know that he was ONLY THREE YEARS OLD PEOPLE and that he only thought your supposed to get toys for christmas….partly because of how commercialized this holiday has become…..we have since taught him differently…………..but just for kicks were gonna wrap books again for him and see what happens….”