eBookNe.ws URL shortener Launched

A few weeks ago I started using my own unique URL shortener, and I thought the readers of eBookNewser might be interested in how and why I did it.

My URL shortener is based on the free Bit.ly Pro service. A few months back Bit.ly upgraded all users to the Pro service for free. While there isn’t much that interest an individual, one detail that caught my eye was the support for custom URLs.

My shortener might appear to be at www.eBookNe.ws, but it’s actually being run by Bit.ly. (BTW, MediaBistro’s URL shortener is also run by Bit.ly.) The URL is tied to my existing account with Bit.ly, and the account functions the same way it did before. This means that I can still use all the apps, plug-ins, etc that work with Bit.ly while still having a really cool looking URL.

As for why, well I thought it was cool. That was a good enough reason to spend the $15 to register the URL (my total cost). But I also set it up because it gave me a reason to buy one of the last few neat looking website addresses. As more people figure out what you can do with the WS domain it’s going to fill up.

P.S. If you’d like to use the eBookNe.ws shortener for eBook related news, send me an email and ask. I’m happy to share it, but my I also have a fairly strict rule that it only be used for eBook related news.

P.P.S. If you want to set up your own URL shortener, Bit.ly has a good set of instructions.