eBook Average Check Out Time At Library Is 8 Days: ebrary Report

Library patrons are using their eReaders to check out books. According to a new report from ebrary, 92 percent of librarians find giving offline access to eBooks more or equally important than providing online access.

The report, which surveyed primarily academic librarians in March of 2011, also found that most libraries check out eBooks for an average of 8 days with 4-5 titles being the maximum number of loans available at one time.

Interestingly, a majority of the respondents thought that library patrons should pay checkout fees for eBooks. The report explains: “The large majority of the respondents preferred checkout fees to be incorporated into the perpetual access hosting fee (72.4%).‘Different pricing for databases—with and without downloads’ received a vote from 26% of the respondents. Three options each received votes from about 20% of the respondents: ‘pre-paying for a specific number of downloads’, ‘paying for each download as it occurs’, and ‘different charges for basic and enhanced functionality in downloaded titles.’