Easel.ly Makes Infographics Easy and Beautiful

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest storytelling forms to emerge within the last few years — especially online — is the infographic. Everywhere you turn, outlets are taking advantage of the highly visual, very sharable medium to give readers easily digestible pieces of data. And, from high tech studies to psychology research, it’s obvious that infographics not only enhance data content for readers but also show no signs of slowing down.

But it’s not as easy to create a high-impact infographic as it looks, even when your research is so interesting it can speak for itself. And, if you’re on a budget or with limited resources, it can cost a pretty penny to get competent work that can cut through the noise and go viral.

Luckily, more tools are coming out to help multi-tasking (and even less artistic) journalists tell their stories through the infographic medium, and a standout in that crowd is definitely Easel.ly — a WYSIWYG infographics development platform that looks as nice as it runs. Users can select from a set of “vhemes” — fully developed and color-coordinated themes than can be edited to suit information — or simply create their own from scratch using Easel.ly’s database of shapes and icons. The result is a comprehensive and visually pleasing infographic that looks professional. Not bad for a service that costs nothing to run.

View a video on the service below:

infographics from easel.ly on Vimeo.

Easel.ly is still in beta, but users are able to test the service right on the page. What do you think of the service? Let us know in the comments.