Early Female Detective Novel ‘The Amethyst Box’s Is Free eBook Today

The Amethyst Box by Anna Katharine Green is today’s Free eBook of the Day.

American author Anna Katharine Green, who wrote in the U.S. in the early 1900s, is credited as being the first female author to write detective fiction. Here is an excerpt from the book: “Gentle eyes they were, made for appeal, and eloquent with a subdued heart language. But they were held in check by an infinite discretion. Never have I caught them quite off their guard, and to-night they were wholly unreadable. Yet she was trembling with something more than the fervor of the dance, and the little hand which had touched mine in lingering pressure a few hours before was not quiet for a moment. I could not see it fluttering in and out of the folds of her smoke-colored dress without a sickening wonder if the little purple box which was the cause of my horror lay somewhere concealed amid the airy puffs and ruffles that rose and fell so rapidly over her heaving breast.”

Project Gutenberg has the free download.

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