Booyah Looks to Jumpstart New Momentum in Platforming Genre With Early Bird

Nightclub City and MyTown developer Booyah is making the leap into the platforming genre with Early Bird for iOS devices.

It’s the first app the company has release since Nightclub City DJ Rivals, a casual sim game around music that had a strong launch but quickly slipped on the overall charts. Both of Booyah’s iOS apps have had a similar story so the company needs a bonafide hit, especially considering that it has raised $29.5 million from investors like Accel Partners and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers’ iFund.

A paid app that costs $0.99  on the iPhone and $1.99 on the iPad, the game features cartoon-style graphics and a gesture-based control scheme aimed at attracting players of varying skill levels.

The game has players control a bluebird, guiding it through 72 levels divided up into three different zones. The bird’s movement corresponds to swipes made by the player’s finger; left-right, or at angles to make the character jump in the desired direction. These motions are used to move the bird across solid ground, past obstacles, over pits and onto a variety of springy platforms. The levels also house a variety of moving platforms to up the challenge.

Along the way, players can flick their aviary avatar into loops, slides and other stunt-like features of the levels in order to score bonus points. In addition to snatching up the end-of-level worm, players are able to gobble up countless bugs, most of which are positioned in patterns intended to lead the player to the end of the level, or requiring some fancy finger-work to reach.

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