EA, Reebok, and Absolut Launch New Facebook Application Campaigns

As brands continue to use the Facebook Platform as a way to deeply engage Facebook users, agencies and marketers are increasingly looking for case studies on ways applications can deliver for their clients. Some big brands recently released new Facebook apps, so be sure to check them out. More examples of recent “app-vertisements” are available here and here.

1. Electronic Arts Warhammer Kill Drill

“Electronic Arts reached out to Context in order to engage the audience for the launch of its latest MMOG, Warhammer Online,” says Kevin Barenblat of Context Optional, who created the application. The app includes physics-based animation and ties into a promotional point system for the game, and interactions on Facebook earn points that are credited to the user’s EA account.

2. Reebok Talkin’ Crazy

“The ATR Talkin Krazy basketball sneakers allow ‘ballers’ to tag up their shoes with a dry erase marker as a means of smack talking while on the court. We saw unlimited potential for an app-vertisement that would highlight the coolest features of these sick kicks,” says Greg Roth of Buddy Media, who created the app. The app allows users to send “smack talk” to their friends in the form of virtual Reebok gifts, personalized messages, or YouTube or Vimeo videos.

3. ABSOLUT Global Cooling

This app allows users to share cocktail recipes with their friends/ For every drink that is sent, ABSOLUT will donate $1 to one of 5 environmental charities of their choice, up to $500k. “ABSOLUT had been running the campaign on a microsite for much of the year and reached out to Context to tap into the viral communication channels of Facebook.  Using Facebook platform as a marketing platform ABSOLUT seeks to build brand affinity for Global Cooling as well as support the environment,” says Context’s Barenblat.

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