EA Playfish Bringing Risk: Factions to Facebook, Pet Society & Restaurant City to iOS

At the EA Summer Showcase event today, the publisher announced that internal social game studio Playfish would bringing Risk: Factions to Facebook in the near future as well as launching two standalone iOS games for its Pet Society and Restaurant City social games.

Risk: Factions was originally an Xbox Live Arcade/PlayStation Network/Steam downloadable title that put a cartoon-y twist on the classic strategy board game. Players could choose to be humans, cats, robots, zombies, or yetis with each faction being an unlockable reward for completing a single-player campaign. The Facebook product innovates on the system by introducing faction-specific weapons like a “cat dander bomb” that better differentiate the forces in combat.

Spencer Brooks, Producer at collaborating studio EA Hasbro, also states that the player versus player competition will be emphasized. “A lot of social games that have PvP are about competition as much as they are about collaboration,” he says. “We’re going for total ownage.”

Pet Society and Restaurant City, meanwhile, are both coming to iOS in the form of independent games due out this summer. Pet Society: Vacation will feature some integration with the Facebook game in the form of unlockable content and player level rewards while Restaurant City is a completely unique experience with no actual interconnection. Each game has both a premium currency specific to its IP and a standard currency earned through gameplay. Both games will use Facebook Connect.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth look at the iOS games.