EA has massive hit on its (evil) hands with Dungeon Keeper

Image via EA

Curious what game will be burning up the mobile charts this winter?

Look no further than EA and Mythic Entertainment’s reboot of the 90s classic Dungeon Keeper, the devilishly funny and addictive game where in this case, 50-percent strategy plus 50-percent tower defense equals 100-percent pure evil. That’s right, Horny is back, and being bad is better than ever.

Fans of the old-school PC game fondly remember the Hand of Evil controls on the mouse, but thanks to the touchscreen, when you want your imps to work faster, your own hand is now that of the evil one, as you swipe the screen back and forth to slap your minions across the face in order to make them dig a little faster (impin’ ain’t easy).

But manhandling monsters is only the beginning, as you set dastardly traps like spiked floors and fire-shooting walls throughout your fortress in order to protect your dungeon from both PvP and AI attack.

“This is a 90s cult classic back in the good old days of PC gaming, and it was the first time where you got to play the role of the bad guy … it was good to be bad,” says Jeff Skalski, Dungeon Keeper’s senior producer, as we sit down to play the game. “You had your mistresses, your imps, your Bile Demons, and all that.

“So when we had the chance to decide what was the next mobile game we could work on at Mythic, we were looking at all the EA IP, and when we saw Dungeon Keeper pop up, we were like, ‘Why has Dungeon Keeper not been done?’ There are a lot of fans of the game back at the office, and we thought it would be perfect to bring over to the touch devices.”

Image via EA

As a god-view game that was once keyboard and mouse driven back in the day, building out your dungeon and activating traps is so much simpler now with the new touch controls.

“We’re super excited to have the Hand of Evil now be your physical hand,” says Skalski. “We want as many people throughout the world to play this game, so we’re including translations in 14 languages. We’re expecting a lot of new players who have never played a Dungeon Keeper game before to try it out, as well as some older gamers who now have these devices and are looking to keep Dungeon Keeper in their pocket.”

The game begins with a tutorial, introducing keepers to the ways of Horny, AKA The Horned Reaper, as he guides you through the wicked ways of dungeon life. Clear out the first set of bad guys with the “Cluck Off” spell that turns demons into chickens, and you’re off to your next task. You’re now in control of your dark lair, and you’re introduced to your dungeon heart that you must protect at all costs (upgrading your dungeon heart unlocks more room types), as well as your stone storage and your mines. Throughout the game, you’ll need to find resources like gold to upgrade your dungeon, buy more spells, and acquire additional minions. When you begin the game, you can simply send your imps out in the mine to dig for resources, but later on, you’ll also be able to raid other Keepers, which will be the most lucrative way of gaining resources.

“Just like the classic, when you place a room, it enables minions to summon through the portal,” explains Skalski. “If you want warlocks, build a library so they can read books. If you want trolls, build a workshop, which also adds the ability to summon more traps.”