EA Drops 70 iPad Games to 99 Cents: Owns Paid Apps List – Dethrowns Angry Birds

What if you were an gaming giant like Electronic Arts (EA) and you were frustrated beyond description because of your inability to dethrown Rovio’s Angry Birds from the top of the paid iPad apps list. What would you do? Well, if you actually were EA, you would drop the price of your 70 games (nearly all with well-known franchise names like Need for Speed, SimCity, Scrabble, and TETRIS) to 99 cents. The result? As of the wee hours of December 17, 2010, EA owns 9 of the top 10 paid apps (Angry Birds Seasons HD is the lone hold out at #10) and a good number of positions starting at #11 too.

I guess I helped out EA by buying copies of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit for iPad and SimCity Deluxe for iPad. Get ’em while they’re cheap!