E3 2014: EA, Chillingo announce Street Kart for iOS


During this year’s E3 in Los Angeles, EA’s Chillingo showed off Street Kart, an upcoming racing simulation game on iOS. Developed by iMPOSSIBLE, Street Kart is being described as “the most social racing game ever made for mobile,” and allows users to develop rivalries with friends and strangers all around the world through real-time multiplayer gameplay.

The game offers real-life brand names and real-world tracks, and was built to offer realistic physics and a true-to-life weather system. That is, the game’s real tracks are presented with the real weather conditions at those locations at the time of the race.

Players will be able to update their karts with different engines, exhaust systems, radiators and fuel tanks, and will need to service their engine and overall kart to keep it in top performance.

street kart 2

Players will be encouraged to come back to Street Kart as often as they can, as the game’s persistent online world will see players constantly racing and winning in-game currency and “Kudos.” The longer players stay away, the more their rivals will climb up the ranks as the best kart racer around, leaving them in the dust.

While an official release date hasn’t been set, Chillingo is aiming to release Street Kart before the end of 2014. Check back soon for more.