E-ink Sets New Revenue Record

If you ask E-ink, the demand for eReaders hasn’t declined at all with the rise of tablets. In fact, E-ink proudly announced today that its revenues have set an all time high. We’re only 10 months into the year, and  E-ink has already seen $1 billion in revenue.

“Despite the difficult economy, sales of our ePaper and LCD displays continue to rise due in part to the new wave of eReaders and tablets debuting just in time for the holiday season,” said Scott Liu, Chairman of E Ink. “We also see tremendous opportunity for our Triton color displays for eTextbooks that we believe will transform education.”

E-ink is the primary maker of eReader screens due to its early entry into the market. It released its first E-ink screen back in 2006, and its closest competitor, Sipix, only released a screen in mid 2010. E-ink also has a strong position in LCD screens due to its investment in research. Hydis, an E-ink sub, has developed one of the leading next-gen LCD screens which has been used on a number of premium tablets, including the Nook Color.

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