E-Fun Launches the Apen Digital Pen

How would you like to go digital but not give up the joys of pen and paper? Then the Apen A3 just might be what you’re looking for.

The latest digital pen from Apen is designed to work with any Bluetooth equipped BlackBerry or Android. It writes just like a normal pen and will work on all the usual types of paper. But what sets it apart from regular pens are the sensors in the base unit and the battery powered transmitter in the pen.

The base unit uses a pair of sensors to triangulate the location of the pen.  It then sends the data to your BB or Android device while you are drawing or writing. So long as the sensors can see the tip of the pen, it will continue to send what you’re scribbling and you’ll see it on screen in near real-time. The sensors are fairly accurate – just so long as you don’t shift them around.

It’s available now from retailers in the US.