DSLReports Notes Customers Unhappy with New Clear/Clearwire Mobile WiMax Service

I’ve been holding off on making a decision of getting a Sprint or Verizon MiFi (mobile 3G WiFi router) because my hope was Clearwire’s (now simply “Clear“) mobile WiMax rollout would provide a good affordable alternative. Well, their rollout is underway. But, hmm… DSLReports.com (aka BroadbandReports.com) has been around for over 10 years now. So, when I read a title like…

Customers Unhappy With Early Clearwire Launches

…there, I pay attention. Here’s what DSLReports pulled out of their forums’ user comments:

– Sub-1Mbps speed
– Unable to disable NAT (Network Address Translation)
– Cannot run a traceroute (for network issue debugging)

The article mentions high latency. However, I didn’t see anything in their forum comments that specifically mentioned that in context of the WiMax mobile service. Latency is the amount of delay in the network. High latency would cause problems for things like Skype (Voice over IP) and gaming.

Any happy Clear Mobile WiMax service users out there?