Drync secures $900,000 in new funding to grow wine discovery application

drync-650Image via Drync

Wine app developer Drync has announced it has secured $900,000 in new funding to expand its marketing and help in furthering developing its product. The company likens its Drync app on iOS to “Shazam for Wine,” as wine lovers can use the app to identify bottles of wine and share their activity with others.

The Drync app utilizes the device’s camera for label recognition, not only on the labels of actual bottles, but also on labels in magazines, on billboards and computer screens. Users can also utilize standard text search options if they know the name of the wine.

The entire app can be used as a wine discovery platform, as users can find ratings, descriptions and detailed wine information for over 1.7 million wines in the Drync database. If users do discover a wine that isn’t in the system, they can submit unmatched labels for later addition.

“The wine industry is a very large market that has not enjoyed the explosive growth that other sectors have from technology innovation, but this is about to change,” said Brad Rosen, CEO, Drync, via a company release.

As part of Drync’s continued growth, the app now offers in-app purchasing of over 30,000 wines for users in 41 states. With its additional funding from angel investors, including Garvin Hill Capital Fund’s Mark Hastings, Drync looks to capitalize on the wine market’s expected growth.

“The Drync team has developed an elegant solution to an age-old problem for wine drinkers: ‘I love this wine. Now, where can I get it?’” added Hastings. “Drync is the only product on the market that bridges the gap between trying a wine you love, remembering it, and buying it again. Drync has the potential to completely change how people discover and buy wine.”

The Drync app is now available for free on iOS, and is coming soon to Android. Additional personalization and social recommendation features will be added to the platform in future updates. You can track Drync’s growth and progress on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.