Drop.io Adds Firefox Plugin for Fast Facebook-Sharing

Drop.io has a new Firefox browser plugin that makes i even easier to share files with friends and, more specifically, with friends on Facebook. With the new plugin, you can create new drops from items you find from across the web.

It’s got a convenient drag’n’drop option for text, links, files and HTML that you’d like to share, as well as drag’n’drop tabs to the drop.io logo for creating a link to that particular tab in that drop. You can even continually drag’n’drop files to the same drop or different drops, even while other files are uploading. Drop.io has also added some keyboard shortcuts to make the sharing process even simpler: hit control + shift + D in order to create a drop.io link to the tab you’re currently viewing.

The beauty of it all is that the new browser plugin is tied in with the drop.io Facebook application, which took advantage of the Facebook Connect platform just weeks ago. It doesn’t get much easier to share web content, files, media and HTML than this, and with the Facebook Connect integration, your shared content can be spread to your social graph faster as well.

As drop.io has also already begun building useful business applications around its service, further integration with Facebook and other platforms including Firefox makes drop.io a social bookmarking tool and media-sharing conduit with great potential for more. This is also in part because of the way drop.io has bridged the gap between online and offline media-sharing, while tying it all in with existing social networks in a very seamless fashion. The new drop.io Firefox plugin is compatible with Firefox 3.0 and 3.1. Click here to download.