Dropcam for Android: Mobile Access to Video from your Webcam

Video courtesy of dropcamViewing streaming video from your own webcam on a mobile phone was reasonably difficult just a few years ago. I bought a WiFi web cam myself last year to use as a “pet cam” and found that streaming its video to a variety of mobile devices was simple to do.

Astak Mole WiFi Web Cam: Verified Works with iPhone & Android but not the iPad (CORRECTION: the Astak Mole WiFi Web Cam works with the iPad too)

Another webcam maker just made life easier for its Android using customer base by releasing an app for its web cam products.

Dropcam for Android

Dropcam’s video streams can be viewed on mobile devices using just a mobile web browser. However, they say that their dedicated app provides a better user interface experience. They also provide an optional DVR service for $8.95 per month that records all of your camera’s video and stores it for up to 30 days.