Dropbox for iPhone: Mobile Cloud Storage for a Price & Convenience

Screenshot courtesy of Evenflow

I seem to recall several file sharing services availble for the iPhone.

Dropbox 1.0

…is a free iPhone app that lets you view and download files from your Dropbox account. It can also sync files that might change from time to time. And, it can let you share files with other Dropbox users. One nice feature for iPhone users is the ability to upload photos and videos (for the 3GS) to Dropbox. This seems like a useful feature to have when traveling with just an iPhone.

A 2GB storage Basic level is available for free. 50GB storage is available for $9.99 per month and 100GB is available for $19.99 per month. That seems a bit pricey to me. It is probably more cost effective to pay for a web hosting service with sftp or scp file transfer privileges and buy an iPhone ftp client like FTP On The Go (I’ve never tried it, btw) for the $6.99. However, the convenience and assumed ease-of-use of Dropbox’s app may outweigh the cost for many people.

Via TechCrunch: Dropbox Meets The iPhone; Access Files On The Go