Dropbox For Blackberry

Dropbox is my favorite Internet file sharing service because it provides 2 GB of free storage and they have apps for all of the the platforms that I use: Windows, Mac, iPad, and Android. Back in April I wrote an overview about Internet file sharing services for smartphones and at that time there was no Dropbox Blackberry app. Today that is no longer the case as Dropbox released their Blackberry app.

The Blackberry version of the Dropbox app has the same features as the iPhone, iPad, and Android versions. You have access to all of the contents in your Dropbox account and can stream music and movies to a Blackberry phone. You can upload a file to your Dropbox account from a Blackberry and then email a public link to that file to share it with others, and you can create public links for any file in your account. Blackberry users can open this page on their phone for a link to install the app.

Dropbox has also released updates to all of their other mobile apps. iPhone and iPad users get a new home screen and file caching while Android users get enhanced photo galleries and multi-upload of files. You will find the updates for these apps in the app stores of each platform.