Drone Maker Gets Brand Metrics for YouTube

Using Octoly's new software suite

Headshot of Christopher Heine

Octoly wants to give YouTube marketers a holistic look into their brands' owned, earned and paid media reach on the video site. Interestingly, one of the companies signed up to employ the Paris-based tech vendor's products, dubbed Suite360 and ContextID, is Parrot, a maker of consumer drones.

Hey, think about how GoPro has been dominating YouTube and social video marketing with its often high-flying spots. Parrot's probably wise to up its video analytics game as drones could go mainstream. And the brand's marketing team will seemingly get plenty of insights with Octoly's new tools.

The Suite360 dashboard is designed to help marketing chiefs benchmark results for their official YouTube channels as well as data from their content partners on the video site. "Brands can then achieve a stronger understanding of how their channels and branded content perform on YouTube across all countries and with a level of granularity previously unavailable," an Octoly statement said.

The company, which also has an office in New York, can pull stats from more than 11 million YouTube channels that have uploaded content related to the 1,000 brands. Octoly claims its technology can discover 500 billion views that are otherwise unknown to brand marketers. 

Meanwhile, the company's ContextID is designed to improve ad performance on YouTube through behavioral targeting, augmenting results in terms of view rates, completion rates and click-throughs. The feature analyzes countless YouTube videos to offer contextual advertising on the video platform.

"Brands are investing 65 percent more on video ad budgets than two years ago as video consumption online continues to climb, yet only 74 brands stand in the top 5,000 channels," said Octoly CEO Thomas Owadenko.

It will be worth watching to see if Parrot soars up onto that list in the near future. After all, the brand now appears to have the remote controls it needs.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.