Droid Gets Pinch-to-Zoom Feature in Google Maps (and nothing else)

I admit to being mystified by why the pinch-to-zoom gesture is not supported on some U.S. Android phones (this problem does not appear to be an issue outside of the U.S.).The Motorola Droid sold by Verizon was completely missing this feature when it launched last Fall. However, the HTC Droid Eris also sold through Verizon supported pinch-to-zoom gesturing. The HTC Nexus One was also befret of pinch gestures at its launch. However, an OTA (Over The Air) Android update bestowed support for this gesture a little over a week ago.

The Droid, unlike the recently updated Nexus One, still doesn’t provide system-wide support for pinch-to-zoom type gestures. However, a recent Google Maps update for the Droid added support for pinch-to-zoom for that one app…

(Android Central) Motorola Droid gets pinch-to-zoom in Google Maps application (update)

You can also get the pinch-to-zoom feature while browsing the web on a Droid by installing the 3rd party Dolphin Browser.

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