driverTV Starts Up New Content Distribution Network

driverTV, which aggregates promotional videos for multiple auto manufacturers both on the Web and on various video-on-demand platforms, is expanding its digital reach with the launch of a new content distribution network.

Through the new driverTV network, small and mid-sized Web publishers looking to engage potential car buyers can elect to showcase driverTV content on their sites. The content comes prepackaged with video and display ads, with both parties splitted any associated ad revenue. At launch, driverTV has inked partnership deals with Cox Auto Trader, NBC Local Media, CBS Radio and others (NBC Universal acquired a 35 percent stake in the company earlier this year).

driverTV has signed on General Motors, BMW, Toyota, and Volvo to serve as charter sponsors for the new distribution network, which also includes the publishers AutoMart,, Kosmix RightAutos, and The Car Connection. The company claims it can deliver ads timed to appear adjacent to specific content segments, such as features on various cars’ interior design options.

Founded in 2005, driverTV aims to recreated the car showroom experience on either the Web or in the living room. On the TV front, the company claims that driverTV is available in 30 million households through arrangements with Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox and other cable providers—as well as in 500,000 hotel rooms through a partnership with The Hotel Network.