Drive The New Volvo C30 DRIVe Around The World Through Your Facebook Network

Volvo is promoting its new clean diesel C30 DRIVe with a Facebook application that challenges users to see just how far their networks reach. The “DRIVe Around The World” app tasks Facebook users with “driving” a new C30 from friend to friend, so that with each pal that gets the car, it makes its way around the world and back to you.

DRIVe Around The World asks you to select one friend within an 828 mile radius, which Volvo claims is just how far a C30 DRIVe can get on one tank of fuel. Your friend then chooses someone in his or her network to “drive” the car to, and so on. Each continent has a few “ports” where the car can be ferried over seas to meet up with the next recipient. For remote areas or sections where you just don’t have many friends, you can use one free Refuel, which doubles the radius of the C30’s range.

Also important to note: Although you can choose to view the map in miles or kilometers, the car itself is not available in the US.

The team that completes the most efficient drive around the world will have 15,000 Euros donated by Volvo in their name to a wind farm project in Turkey. Players have until Feb. 4 to complete their journeys around the world.

The game, and several other interactive tabs that have been popping up on Volvo’s fan page, are helping the car company inch closer to some of its more popular competitors. Volvo’s relatively low number of fans (61,000) has always been a little perplexing given the manufacturer’s global presence and strong brand loyalty. The DRIVe Around The World app is certainly helping steer fans towards the page, with more than 400,000 daily active users at this point.

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