Dragon Realms: Train your heroes for battle while building a kingdom on mobile

Image via GREE

Despite its recent challenges, GREE has today released a new title across iOS and Android devices: Dragon Realms. The game sees players leading a groups of heroes to defeat beasts while building the greatest kingdom in the world.

Dragon Realms is part city-builder, as players construct cottages, farms and more, each of which produces resources that can be collected over time. These buildings can be upgraded to increase their payouts, and players can expand their kingdoms to house more of these structures.

The rest of the game sees players defeating enemies by spending energy points, gaining coins and new party members in the process. Users can have up to nine heroes in their party at once, and once players reach Level 5, they can evolve and level-up their heroes by fusing multiple heroes together. The game frequently rewards extra heroes to players, so this offers a way to use duplicates to create units with stronger offensive and defensive capabilities.

In addition to the game’s single-player story mode, player-vs-player matches are also available. Live events will also be added to the game, offering cooperative player as every player tries to complete the same goal before time runs out.

Image via GREE

“So often we see mobile RPG titles that don’t require much strategic thinking, but in Dragon Realms we set out to create a uniquely immersive experience by giving players a more direct role in their gameplay through constant gameplay feedback and the ability to make impactful decisions,” said Ken Chiu, SVP of Social Games at GREE International, in a company statement. “We have seen huge success with our RPG franchise – Modern War, Crime City and Kingdom Age have all been top-charting – and our focus now is on evolving the games to give players more hands-on and personalized experiences within these game worlds.”

Dragon Realms is now available for free on iOS and Google Play. The game is monetized via the purchase of Gems, which can be used to instantly speed up construction times, as an example. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.