Dr. Phil: Riding the Britney Hype Machine?


Will Lynne Spears ever stop trying to sell her kid’s lives to the media? Stories are aleady (and rightfully) surfacing criticizing Dr. Phil for visiting Britney in the hospital.

Ok, so we don’t have the best sources on this one, but it’s not exactly hard to connect the dots. According to Axcess News:

A source inside the Spears camp said Britney refused to see Dr. Phil when he showed up at the hospital. AXcess News suspects Britney’s mother, Lynne Spear’s, PR machine was at work behind the scenes trying to sell Britney’s breakdown to the producers of the Dr. Phil Now show, but Britney Spears wasn’t so far out of it that she didn’t know what ‘mommy dearest’ was up to and rejected the whole idea!

Dr. Phil then posted a statement on his site, re-printed here in the LA Times, that announced he would not move forward with the taping of a “Britney” themed show.

Good for him. At least Lynne Spears was spared of another paycheck.