Dr. Pepper Ten is for Manly Diet Cola Drinking Men

Dr. Pepper is taking a cue from Our Gang’s “He-Man Women Haters Club” with its new soft drink Dr. Pepper Ten. The brand is tapping the male taste for diet cola with marketing that states explicitly that this soda is “not for women.”

The AP points out that other diet sodas have taken the male-centric angle, like Coke Zero. And Dr. Pepper has done some research and found that women weren’t offended by this marketing angle (but thanks for asking).  You’ll recall, earlier this year the VW Beetle was beefed up a bit so it wouldn’t be too “girlie” and turn off all of those manly men out there who would otherwise buy a Hyundai or something.

FlavorWire takes issue with the can, which it outright calls “ugly” but we say looks like a football helmet for some reason. The brand’s Facebook page also puts the male message front and center.

Food marketers out there correct us if we’re wrong, but we hadn’t noticed any need to appeal to men with diet soft drinks. A guy in the AP story says he’s never been teased for drinking Diet Coke, but the AP story says specifically that men aren’t happy with the diet cola image. We’ll be curious to see if this changes that. We have the ad after the jump.

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