Dr. Drew Says Celebs Born Spoiled, Not Made That Way


In what would seem obvious to a new-born babe (Suri–that’s your cue), researchers at USC have announced that:

Celebrities have more narcissistic personality traits than the general population, and people with narcissistic tendencies seem to be attracted to the entertainment industry rather than the industry creating narcissists.

Good to know, don’t you think? And the genius who figured this out is none other than Dr. Drew Pinsky, of Loveline and the Keck School of Medicine. Surely this can’t be based on his years of hanging around with Adam Carolla?

Heck, no. Dr. Drew and his associate, S. Mark Young of the USC Marshall School of Business, selected celebrities at random during guest appearances on Loveline and gave them a test– the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI). The NPI test divides narcissism into seven components: superiority, exhibitionism, entitlement, vanity, authority, exploitiveness, and self-sufficiency. The celebrities were administered the NPI test during breaks on the show, which Pinsky has hosted for the past 20 years. Were there cocktails in the green room?

Isn’t this just the richest news ever? Most stars don’t bother to fill out their Oscar ballots themselves, and Pinsky got them to take this test!

The Loveline Companion lists guests from way back in 2002, if anyone wants to do a little sleuthing.

Summing up: stars are born selfish and spoiled, and show biz is not to blame. Hollywood is like a nature preserve for these people–rutting in season, grabbing at swag, having hissy-fits in public, and roaming free.