Twitter CEO: You’ll Be Able To Download All Of Your Tweets By The End Of The Year

Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo has good news for the Twitterverse: by the end of this year, we’ll be able to download all of our past tweets.

In a keynote address given at the Online News Association conference in San Francisco, Costolo addressed the issue of backing up old tweets. He confirmed that the company is working hard on making tweets available to download by the end of the year – as long as his engineers can get the feature to market:

“The caveat is that this is the CEO saying this. Not the engineer who’s building this….[But it’s] a priority we absolutely want to have out by the end of the year.”

The ability to download and archive tweets is something that a few third-party developers have been working on, which might mean a headache for them when Twitter rolls out their official version of this feature.

Being able to store old tweets could be useful for a number of Twitter users, including journalists who want to track their conversations with sources, users who regularly tweet links that they want to save to look at later, or those who want to pinpoint particular conversations from the past.

Given that there has only been a single mention of Twitter working on this feature, we don’t have too many details yet. However, here are some things on our wishlist for Tweet archiving:

  • The ability to pull links from tweets and organize them by source
  • Conversation downloading that includes all related tweets and retweets from others
  • Keyword search

Do you think you would ever want to download your old tweets? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

(Download button image via Shutterstock)