Download Free Ringtones Right to Your Cellphone

Ringtone Soup just launched a new service that lets cellphone users access free ringtones right from their handset. Previously, you needed a PC and a desktop browser to browse, share, or send ringtones.

Ringtone Soup members add hundreds of new ringtones to the site each week, grouped via category and shared with a community-based system. Users can also create and upload new ringtones to the site easily, in MP3 format, as audio extracted from a YouTube video, or by recording their own voice into their computer’s microphone.

There seem to be some copyright issues with the site — a quick glance just turned up Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” on the home page — but we’ll leave that to the RIAA, which apparently has nothing better to do than to sue anything that moves.

To access the site from your phone, key in in your handset’s browser.

Ringtone Soup Launches New Mobile Site Enabling Users to Access and Download Free Ringtones Directly From Their Mobile Phone [Marketwire]