Dove Tackles Men’s Cosmetic Market With Facebook Campaign, Super Bowl Commercial

Health and beauty product manufacturer Dove is taking aim at the male market, with a marketing campaign that is combining the brand’s Facebook presence with a variety of other media. Dove has been pushing the “Men+Care” line for a while on its Facebook page, but recently took a huge step towards speaking to male consumers in a more direct manner with a commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.

Dove has almost 113,000 fans of its Facebook page, most of whom are women. The company has been pushing its men’s line of products for a while through wall posts and some coupon offers, but most of the marketing has been geared toward getting women to buy the products for their men.

The Men+Care line currently has its own tab on the Dove fan page, which gives users a chance to watch the Super Bowl commercial, check out the dedicated Men+Care Web site, learn a little more about the actual products, and print a coupon for a buck off a Men+Care product.

Along with the Super Bowl commercial, which has been receiving a lot of praise on the Dove fan page, the band has also signed Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints as a spokesperson, using him in a few commercial spots and playing up his role as a father.

While there are plenty of cosmetic brands using Facebook to connect with consumers, the efforts of these companies are almost exclusively geared toward the ladies. There are, however, a few brands known for their men’s products that are doing quite well on Facebook, showing that there is interest in these types of products.

Old Spice has an very active page with more than 425,000 fans, while the AXE fan page has about 192,000 fans. Both brands are going after the same market as the Men+Care line, though have chosen to tailor ads to appeal directly to a certain type of guy. Dove doesn’t appear to be targeting the exact same demographic, instead opting for a more family-oriented type of chap. It will be interesting to see how much buzz the Super Bowl commercial generates for the Men+Care products, and if Dove is able to appeal to this segment of the male market.